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Residential School  Legacy Links


  • Legacy of Hope Foundation

  • Community Action Face Sheet Residential School

  • Indian Residential Schools and Reconciliation Resources

  • Where are the children? Healing the impact of residential schools

  • Opinion: Arrow, shame, and rage. The wretched legacy of Canada’s residential schools

  • Residential Schools: A Sad Chapter in Canadian History

  •   The University of British Columbia.  Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Center

  •  Canada’s residential schools were a Horror

  • The Residential School System

  • History of Residential Schools

  • Residential School Survivors reflect on a brutal legacy: ‘That could've been me.’

  • Egerton Ryerson: Racist philosophy of residential schools also shaped public education

  •   IRS (Indian Residential School Legacy Project ) residential-schools-legacy-project/

  • Indian Residential School Survivors Society

  • Generation Lost: Healing the Legacy of Residential Schools

  • Residential Schools in Canada

  • ‘Cultural Genocide’:the shameful history of Canada’s Residential Schools - mapped

​    indigenous-children-cultural-genocide-map


  • Residential School History-NCTR

  • Legislation for the Residential Schools

  • An overview of Indian Residential School System

  • The Role of the Churches-

Stolen Lives: The Indigenous Peoples of Canada and the Indian Residential Schools

  • Creating the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation and Proactive Disclosure Under the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation Act ​



News Article Links 

  • How to support survivors of residential schools

  • Canada’s Residential School Legacy

  • New search begins for residential school graves in Canada

  • Residential Schools Survivors’ stories

  • Residential School Survivors at Winnipeg Art Gallery

  • The point: Canada’s Residential School System

  • Alvin Dixon: residential school survivor

  • Canada’s lost residential school children

  • ‘Felt throughout generations’: A timeline of residential schools in Canada

  • Did you live near a residential school?



Government Webpage  on residential schools links


  • Timeline-Indian Residential school

Film and Video links


  • Stolen Children-Residential school survivor Speakout

  • Canada’s Dark Secrets-Featured Documentaries

  • How some children at Kamloops residential school died

  • Secret’s Buried in unmarked graves: Residential Schools

  • New Heritage Minute explores the Dark History of residential schools

  • Residential Schools in Canada: A Timeline


  • Canadian Residential Schools: The Survivors & Their Descendants


  • I was taken from my home and raised as a “nice Jewish girl,” but I’m Indigenous | Becoming Nakuset


  • The survivors of Canada's residential schools - BBC News

  • Thousands of Kids Died in Residential Schools, Now They're Being Found

  • Crimes against children at residential school: The truth about St. Anne's - The Fifth Estate


  • Canadian Residential School Propaganda Video 1955

  • Residential School Tribute

  • The #UNIGNORABLE issue of intergenerational trauma | Truth, and Reconciliation

  • Residential School Song dedicated to Survivors

  • Deaths at Residential Schools

  • Intergenerational Trauma: Residential Schools

  • Residential School Song (Indian Boarding School Song)

  • Residential school survivors on the scars of abuse

  • Some of the priests and nuns who ran residential schools are still alive: Cameron

  • Indian Residential School In Canada


  • Residential Schools survivor explains the impact on her family

  • Wawahte: Stories of Residential School Survivors - FULL DOCUMENTARY


  • Residential school survivor says her last name was stolen

  • Susie Kicknosway Jones | Residential School Survivor

  • Truth And Reconciliation: Stories of Residential School Survivors

  • Residential Schools

  • Death at Residential School

  • Residential school survivors

  • The hidden truth: residential school survivor stories

  • ‘Indian Horse’ tells painful stories of Canada’s residential schools

  • Kerry Benjoe reflects on her time at residential school



Curriculum Teaching Links

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